World Thrombosis Day Impact Report Released

By ArjoHuntleigh UK, January 3 2017

With presence at 5 global scientific meetings attended by 80,000 professionals as well as online and social media support, the impact report states that the campaign achieved 170 million impressions.

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Support Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2016

By ArjoHuntleigh UK, November 17 2016

ArjoHuntleigh are proud to support Stop pressure Ulcer Day, on November 17 2016. We are actively supporting clinicians to raise awareness of pressure ulcers.

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World Thrombosis Day 2016 is approaching

By ArjoHuntleigh UK, October 4 2016

ArjoHuntleigh UK Ireland is pleased to support World Thrombosis Day 2016, an initiative to raise awareness of thrombosis through public and professional education. Led by the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH).

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World Thrombosis Day 2016

By ArjoHuntleigh UK, September 14 2016

ArjoHuntleigh UK Ireland is pleased to support World Thrombosis Day 2016. Launched in 2014, this worldwide initiative aims to raise awareness of thrombosis through public and professional education activities.

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Reducing the risk of VTE in A&E Departments

By ArjoHuntleigh UK, June 9 2016

A recent audit has highlighted the need for assessment and documentation of VTE risk in patients with lower limb fractures in emergency departments. 


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Reducing the cost of care in care homes

By Mary Muir, April 22 2016

The number of older people in the UK is projected to increase significantly over the coming decades with many requiring residential care1,2.

Protecting the resident’s mobility is an essential requirement for maintaining dignified and effective care as well as a critical requirement for economic efficiency. 

Care home staff work to improve the quality of life for older people and enable them to fully participate in everyday life, but eventually respecting passivity. Therefore, sufficient space, appropriate mechanical aids and the correct working practices are decisive factors for resident mobility and quality of life, while improving the working conditions for the care givers. 

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The importance of offloading pressure on heels

By ArjoHuntleigh UK, April 5 2016

Active pressure relief is one of the cornerstones of treating and preventing pressure ulcers, particularly in areas of Long Term Care where patients can be immobile, as well as having other risk factors for pressure damage.


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Total pressure offloading in Critical Care patients

By ArjoHuntleigh UK, March 21 2016

Active pressure redistribution is one of the cornerstones of treating and preventing pressure ulcers, particularly in areas of Critical Care where patients can be immobile and acutely ill.


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Patient Safety and Harm Free Care Report 2015: Pressure Ulcers

By ArjoHuntleigh UK, January 14 2016

The Safety Thermometer National Data report for 2015 has now been published with very positive and encouraging results; - a 16.7% reduction in pressure ulcers was recorded with now only 4.5% of patients developing pressure ulcers.1

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Cold Weather Ahead

By ArjoHuntleigh UK, January 12 2016

The impact of Winter Pressures is largely unpredictable as it is impossible to predict the severity of winter weather or of any flu outbreak.

This requires our healthcare providers to have adequate capacity and to be able to plan appropriately to react to the variable demands. However, most are already stretched, i.e. emergency departments, reduced bed access, general practice under resourced.

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